Kembali dari upacara penghargaan akhir tahun. Kali ini untuk semua bintang yang bersinar pada tahun 2013 untuk variety show SBS. Berikut daftar pemenang dari “SBS Entertainment Awards”.

Rookie Award (MC)- Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung – “Night of TV Entertainment”

Rookie Award (Comedy)- Kim Jung Hwan – “Smile People”

Rookie Award (Variety Show) – Ham Ik Byung – “Star Couple Show”

Comedy Excellence Award- Ahn Si Woo and Nam Ho Yeon- “Smile People”

Comedy High Excellence Award For Segments- Uncle Jong Gi and Just Because Of Friendship – “Smile People”

Best Family Award – Star Couple Show Team

Best Team Work Award– Star Junior Show Team

Scriptwriter Award
Jo Jung Eun – Documentary Show (Partners)
Jo Gipeum – Variety Show Award (Law Of The Jungle)
Kang E Mo – Radio Award (Chae Bak Ho’s Radio Show)

Services to Society Award- Racing Heart Team

Radio DJ Awards

For Power FM- Jung Sun Hee

For Love FM- Noh Sa Yeon and Lee Sung Mi

SBS Announcer Award- Kim Min Ji

Best Challenge Award- Ahn Jung Hwan and Oh Jong Hyuk – “Law of the Jungle”

Best Entertainer Award- Park Joon Kyu, Kim Jong Min, and Kwang Hee – “Star King”

Best Couple Award- Lee Hwi Jae and Jang Yoon Jung – “Challenge 1000 Songs”

Best Staff Award- “Law of the Jungle” Team

Popularity Award- Kim Sung Soo & Jo Yeo Jung – “Law Of The Jungle”

Friendship Award
Lee Kwang Soo – “Running Man”
Ryu Dam – “Law Of the Jungle”

Excellence Award For Programs

For Variety Shows- K-Pop Star Season 3

For Talk Shows- Healing Camp

High Excellence Award For Programs (Viewer’s Choice)- Running Man

PD Awards

For Radio Programs

Cultwo- Cultwo 2PM Escape

For TV Programs
Kang Ho Dong – “Star King” & “Barefoot Friends”

Viewer’s Choice – Most Popular Stars Award
Running Man

Excellence Awards

For Males
Kim Jong Gook and Haha – “Running Man”

For Female
Sung Yuri – “Healing Camp”

High Excellence Award

For Female
Song Ji Hyo – “Running Man”

For Male
Lee Kyung Kyu – “Healing Camp”

Grand Award
Kim Byung Man – “Law Of The Jungle”

Source: soompi
via koreanindo.net

Repost by: Nokopyon



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